19 February 2011

Sigma Brushes


Ok I'm quite excited about this post!! I got me some SIGMA Brushes!!! Now if you havent heard about these then log onto You Tube, find some beauty related videos and you won't be long finding out about them! Sigma themselves have a You Tube Channel if you want to look at that. Sigma brushes are Dupes for Mac brushes. They have the same or simlar codes for comparison purposes. Now I myself don't own any Mac brushes so therefore can't compare. I'm just so excited to own my first proper set of make up brushes. Their WEBSITE is full of different options such as purchasing brushes individually, in full sets, travel sets etc. A few weeks/months ago they came out with their latest kit "Make Me Up" - which is a 12 brush kit that comes in a solid travel holder tub. When this came out, it straight away caught my eye. I had always been visiting the site and procrastinating about what i'd like, so when a free international shipping offer came about....BAM I was sold!! I think this set it perfect for me as I wanted to make one proper order ie. make one big order rather than a few dribs and drabs and have to pay for shipping another time. So I ordered the 'Make Me Crazy' set - the purple one. I had a bit of a dilemma as to whether to go with the classic black which I love or this new colour, I went with this as if i ever buy any more individual brushes they will be black so that way i'll have both! I  also ordered the infamous F80 which basically is a Foundation Buffer Brush. Again, rave reviews about this brush on YT! I also got the F45  Powder Buffer Brush. Here are the pics!!:

My Package                                                                Overview of Everything

Individual brushes F80, F45 & free E25

E25 Close up of brush heads

Included Brushes                                   Holder          

Holder & set of brushes

Eye Brushes

Close Up of brush heads

Face Brushes

Close up of brush heads

All my new stuff!!!!!

Now I was really impressed with all of this! Lovely looking brushes. They didnt look cheap - which is why I was so nervous about ordering the purple brushes, but it's not a bright girly purple colour. It's quite a deep purple, with metalic pink/purple ferrules. The text on the brushes seem to be stamped in with holographic text as opposed to the usual print that rubs off over time. Hopefully this will work better. The bristles are really soft (especially the F45 Buffer....softest brush I have EVER felt!!) Then I notice one....not so good thing. This:

My one problem :(

The E05 Eyeliner Brush was.....deformed!! It's seems the hairs aren't just out of place, but more like they have put put too far into the ferrule so they stick out compared to the others. I'll chance washing it and pinching it together for a few minutes to see if it makes much of a difference.....
The tub is a fantastic idea. It can be used as a travel case - perfect for keeping your brushes safe and preventing them from accidentely snapping! And when you're at home they can be used as 2 brush holders! Perfect! At the moment these containers are only available as part of the set but as far as I know, Sigma have considered making them available individually at a later date. Here it is up close for you to see the stitching, buttons etc:


Also in the package were some various leaflets.

List of brushes and their usesHow to take care of your brushes

So overall i'm am really really happy with my investment. I say investment cause I spent just over €100 on everything so I will be taking care of each and every one of them!
  • Make Me Crazy Set = $99/€72.50(aprx)
  • F80 Foundation Brush = $16/€11.50(aprx)
  • F45 Buffer Brush = $19/€14(aprx)

Do any of u ladies have Sigma brushes?? Thanks for reading :)

19/02/11     I contacted Sigma about my deformed brush and they are sending me out a replacement free of charge. In fact it has already been shipped. I'm quite impressed with the customer service!! :)

01/03/11     I just received my replacement E05 Eyeliner brush from Sigma. This one's perfect. Thanks Kate for the swift transaction! :)

Laura  xo

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