06 April 2011

Essence Black and White Top Coat - Holographic

Hello All!

The current collection (in my chemist anyway) from Essence is the “Black and White” edition.

Nothing too exciting really, but one thing did catch my eye and it was this little item:

It’s a holographic top coat. Nowadays when I hear the word “holographic” immediately what comes into my head is........you guessed it; Gosh. Well this is another type of holographic. It’s doesn’t have the rainbow/sparkly effect that the Gosh Holographic has – more so a shimmery blue sheen. I tried it out on a few colours below for you to get the idea –alongside the Gosh one of my index fingernail.

It doesn’t look like too much in photos but it definitely does add something different to your nail varnish. Over some colours it adds the holographic-ey effect and on others (for example the brown shade on my middle fingernail) it seems to actually change the shade.

On its own

L-R Nyx ‘Snow White’, Barry M “Berry Ice Cream-308”, Catrice “From Dusk to Dawn”, Gosh “Holographic-549”, Essence “Black and White Top Coat”

This cost me just €1.99 and I’m glad to have something a bit different in my nail varnish collection :)


Laura  xo

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