17 April 2011

TAG: 10 Things I love

Hey everyone!

So  I was tagged by Lauren - Gotta Love A Trier. Thanks chick! So the point of this tag is to share with everyone 10 things you love. (I hate saying "love" when it's not actual LOVE - I love James, Cathal and my family, material items, but anyway!) I'm going to be fairly specific in my choices rather that give one broad answer like "food" "make up" etc - I think it might be more interesting! Also i'm not going to mention that I love my friends or family cause obvs I do - well I suppose not, but I do! So here we go!

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This is certainly my favourite food. The question occasionally pops up in various conversations "if you had to live on one food for the rest of your life what would it be?" Pizza is what comes to my mind straight away so I consider that as being my food love! Not fussy with toppings - but I do not like pineapple on pizza!

My Phone

I LOVE this phone. It is the best (and most expensive) phone I have ever owned. Its the HTC Desire. If you're not familiar with HTC - it's a brand that makes hi tech mobile phones. The phones run on Android which is basically Apple/iphone's competition. I love the phone, the layout, the endless options of being able to customize screens and apps amongst other things! Just love it! I get all my emails, Facebook and twitter notifications immediately!

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I love burning candles in the evening. I love the way they can completely change the mood in a room or at a certain time, I love the smell and I love turning off the lights and just having the natural flicker of the flame in the room. (Also just to add, i'm currently on the hunt for my perfect scent from Yankee Candles. I have a post HERE if you'd like to let me know your fav!)

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I think blusher can completely brighten and freshen the look of any face. I feel as though my face is not completely done until I have something on my cheeks!

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I'm more of a boots person that a shoe person - be they high, flat, wedged, propper boots or shoe styled boots - I love em! At the moment I'm particularly loving laced boots. I find them so versatile, comfortable and easy to wear. I think they add a bit of edge to an outfit, which I like as I'm not a typical girly girl!

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I love wearing rings. I've worn them since I got my first proper ring for my communion. I have never been without one since. I don't always wear dressy rings - I have my smaller staple rings - some of which I have been wearing for years - all silver. I feel naked without them.

Drinking wine while getting ready to go out. 
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It's not so much the alcohol intake I like - more so the social aspect of it. Getting all dressed up, putting on my make up while having a glass of white wine on hand is what I love. To me it seems femenine, a kind of a girls bonding thing and other than that it's kind of hard to explain! (I also love wine while being out for dinner/Wathching tele/reading a book and in gerneral!!)

Baby Feet
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This is weird but I love baby feet. They're so teeny and chubby and pretty and lovely. It's ironic though because I despise feet (more so toes) otherwise. I even have a picture of Cathals feet framed!


I do love reading but I can't specify what category I like the most as I enjoy and read a lot of different types of books. Summer seems to be the time I read the most. I love lying out and getting lost in a story. (This photo is perfect because I'm currently reading "Marilyn Monroe" by Barbara Leaming.

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I recently had this discussion with Viva Adonis and Saloule - who too, are stationary fanatics. I would happily waltz around Easons for a few hours looking at everything! I have been known to buy notebooks and pens for absolutely no reason. I particularly love vintage/Celtic looking notepads and diary's!

So there's 10 random things I love. I challenge you to be random when choosing your ten things!! 

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