01 May 2011

INGLOT Eyeshadow Colour Swatches & other palettes


Giveaway for an INGLOT Eyeshadow Quad palette HERE!!! The colours up for grabs are the ones coloured in RED below

INGLOT. Ever head of them? Have a look at the website HERE or if you're lucky enough to live by one (only in Dublin in Ireland though) pop in and have a look. You're sure to be slightly overwhelmed with hundreds of eyeshadows, lipsticks, foundations.... the lot!! Here's some eyeshadows I own.

 There are 5 different finishes of the eyeshadows which are:

AMC -- Advanced Makeup Components -- matte with shimmer
AMC Shine -- metallic/frost shimmer
DS -- Double Sparkle -- matte with sparkles
Matte - no shimmer or glitter, solid colour
Pearl -- pearly sheen 

All shadows are quite smooth and blend-able. They are all numbered rather than named (crap eh?!) Here are my swatches. (click each pic for an even closer look)

Numbers L-R: 63, 434, 376, 439, 482
With flash
Without flash

NUMBERS L-R: 420, 428, 388, 429, 457
With Flash
Without Flash

NUMBERS L-R: 360, 11, 30, 393, 51
With Flash
Without Flash

NUMBERS L-R: 407, 361, 41, 412, 474
With Flash
Without Flash

 AMC is the finish with the number here being 41.  Each pan space has its own full square magnet underneath

Size comparison to a 10c coin.

Here's a close up of the magnets which hold the lids in place and makes it possible to stick multiple palettes to eachother - very handy for travelling or make up artists.

 These pans contain 1.8g of product. They can be filled with eyeshadows, concealers, lipsticks, eyebrow shadows and waxes - or indeed a mix and match of them all.

 The new 20 round palette is €95.      The 3 round is the cheapest palette at €15.      The 10 round is €45

Contain more product - 2.7g. These palettes are just for eyeshadows

The new 20 square palette is €105 and the 10 square is €50-€55

2 square is another cheap palette at €15

 Here are some examples of eyebrow, concealer and lipstick palettes in some different sizes.

3 round is the cheapest palette and is €15  

This also is cutomisable so you can chose what ever shades you like

This palette is €36

As with the blush palette above (and all the rest of the palettes) this pallete is customisable and you can chose what shades of powder or bronzer/contour powder you want - or a mix of both.

This 4 palette is €44. It is also available as a 2 palette for around €26-€28.

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Laura  xo

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