06 May 2011

Lipgloss & Nails

Hi everyone!

So this will just be a quick little post to show you a couple of things I picked up in Boots recently. I'll start off with these 3 liplosses from Barry M.
 top to bottom Strawberries and Cream (3) Toffee (2) Pastel Pink (4)

Pastel Pink (4) Toffee (2) Strawberries and Cream (3)

I saw these shades and was like "Oh hell to the ya!!" They're all pretty pale colours which I have to be careful of - I can be picky with pale ones. Price wise they are between €5-€6.
 I was immediately attracted the the brown one, but ultimately this was the one I was most disappointed with. I have quite pigmented lips so a gloss or lipstick needs to be quite strong for it to turn out well on my lips - and this didn't. In saying that if I use my foundation brush to lightly brush over my lips after applying my foundation (which it what I usually do anyway) it turns out a bit better. I find that doing so with the foundation on the lips it gives a good base for the colour of a gloss to come through clearer. This one smells really toffee-ish. 
The Pastel Pink (4) which I would describe as the lilac one is the one I was most surprised with - really pigmented so a little goes a long way. 
The pink is quite well pigmented also - just be wary of how light they come out as it might not be to everyones taste. Perphaps a lipstick underneath might be more flattering. Overall - I really like these.

Next up are two nail varnishes from Revlon - 2 for €12. This is my first time buying a nail product from the brand and I am REALLY impressed. Application and formulation of the varnish is gorg. Coverage is brilliant too. Here's what I got.

And last of all, I spotted this Kiss nails set. I got the shape "Active Oval" as it was the only one there. It's also available in Active Square and Short Square (6
which is a balls because I actually cut and filed these to a square finish!!) It was under €10 as far as I can remember so I went for this rather than buying one pack of French tipped ones for the same price. I don't usually wear falsies but I had a family christening and felt I wanted to be feminine!!! The only thing about these (well really I suppose this is more me than the product) but I found the sizes of the nails very big. I have quite small fingers so indeed my nails must be quite small in width too. I had to use all the smaller sizes, but no biggie I guess!

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Laura  xo

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