18 May 2011

My Hair Dye/Peroxide Experience with BBlonde

Here's a quick written account of my experience of doing my own hair at home. I wanted to do something different with my hair, so I decided I would lighten it, I wasn't fully sure to what shade I would go as far as but I knew I wanted to lighten it. It was quite dark before I started: 

I got the Jerome Russell  BBlonde Hair Lightening Kit. This was about €7/€8 but I got it as part of a 3 for 2 Boots offer. I bought 2 boxes of this.

I actually meant to pick up the Highlighting kit but they looked so similar and I was in a rush! I panicked and checked up the website to see how different they were. They are the exact same apart from the fact that the highlighting kit has a highlighting cap - go figure!! They both contain 40vol. peroxide. You can also get a 30vol one of your hair is lighter than dark brown. So I bought a highlighting cap in my local chemist for €2.99. I didn't particularly want to have blonde highlights so I was conscious not to leave it in too long. I done a strand test the night before to see what it would turn out like! 

 Then I got to capping!!!

 Overall this took me over 2 hours!! This and the knots are the only downside to my whole experience really. It would be much much easier for someone with shorter and finer hair! But anyway, I kept going! I applied the bleach/peroxide mixture and left it on for 30 mins. It looked much blonder than it turned out! In fact it didn't turn out blonde at all which I was quite happy about.

 As I explained in the video I was happy enough with this copperish kind of colour but felt I couldnt leave it as the roots were much lighter than the tips. Also the peroxide took to the baby hairs at the front of my hairline which left spots of pure blonde! Nice! I decided I like the redish colour and would stick with that and bought the following:

 This is the colour 109A Nautural Warm Auburn. It was something around €6/€7 and I bought two as I have long hair. And here is the result!

It's much more vibrant and red and again I liked it! :)

It’s now about a week later and I have washed my hair a few times. I am basically back to the colour I was at the second stage – the copper colour. The Nice N’ Easy dye seems to have faded from my hair. I’ve heard that it may not have taken properly to the peroxide parts of my hair as it would need a “filler” first. I’m not sure, all I know is that it’s gone. It does look fairly even though so I’m gonna leave it as it is!

I'll be treating my hair now for a while, won't be using as much heat and I'll use plenty of conditioning treatments such as this one:

If you know of any other really good treatment please let me know!! What does everyone else think about at home dye kits?

Laura  xo

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