15 June 2011

Models Own - Bronze Rage

Hi All

Ok so this is just a super quick post on this Models Own Nail Varnish. This one in particular is called Bronze Rage. It's a deep burnt orangey bronze colour. Not a colour I'd usually go for but I'm a chancer!!

 As far as I am aware, this came out last year in the Spring/Summer Collection. Models Own are forever releasing new collections and I have to say I am a fan. I'm not a trend follower but there's always at least one that catches my eye from each collection. The varnishes price at about €7.50 each and are available from places such as Boots, River Island, Asos. (Boots are great for going 3 for 2 offers on Models Own)

One thing in particular I like about these nails varnishes is the staying power. It stays on for a good 3 days before it starts to chip at all. I would consider this an achievement. Also I love the application of these metallic ones in particular. They seem to glide on to your nails very smoothly and turns out very sleek with no streaks. They also seem to dry reasonably quickly. 

Any recommendations for Models Own shades for me? I particularly like brown, greys, taupes, purples and them kind of things amongst pastels also! 


Laura xo

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