18 June 2011

Stellar Soirée

Hi Ladies.

I just picked up this months STELLAR MAGAZINE. I have to say I haven't bought it all that much and I've no idea why because it's a great little magazine. I LOVE the fact that it's Irish (I always try support Irish things like this if I can). I love that you can see what clothes, shoes, jewellery, hair products, make up etc. are available around the country and also what I love is that they list the prices. I'm so so used to seeing £ signs all over the place so it's refreshing to see the € symbols!! Also it's only €2.30! Anyway!!.....
I was flicking through and on page 24 came across something nice. Unfortunately (and as per usual) this is an event in Dublin, so if you're from the Dublin area and are interested in a fashion/beauty event keep reading! It really saddens me that more a less everything takes place in Dublin, what about the rest of the country?!!! :( Boo. This is just a personal thing, I'm just jealous so I'll shh! Moving on!

Stellar are inviting their readers to call into River Island on Grafton Street for their "exclusive soirée". They have printed a special invite on the opposite page which you fill out and hand in to gain access to the event. There will be 20% off all purchases on the night, on the spot prizes, free pampering sessions - such as getting your hair and nails tended to by hairstylists from Style Club and nail experts from Sally Hansen. The Stellar Team will be there on the evening and there'll be plenty of Stellars fav fruity bubbly EVE flowing and lots of mingling, as the magazine photographer will also be there (be nice and perhaps you might even make it into next months issue!!) 

If you decide to go please let me know. I'd love to know know how it goes - super jealous!! The event is over 18s and is taking place on Wednesday 22nd June from 5:30pm-9pm. Don't forget your invite!!

Laura xo

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