15 June 2011



Like the name of this post!!? So I recently done a swap with Laura over at all-made-up-21. (therefore this is a mix of a swap and a haul.... a Swaul!!! - god i'm sad!) It sounds a bit cracked really, doing a swap with someone in my own country, but when she contacted I said ya shur why not, it'll be a bit of excitement and a surprise - plus its nice to be nice. Another and the main reason though was that she kindly offered to get me an Inglot lipstick that I wanted seeing as though I don't live in Dublin :(   Here's what she sent me!

HOW excited was I too see these Inglot products fall out of the bag!! The minute I opened the package I got the gorgeous fresh citrus-ey smell - of course the Yankee candle in Sparkling Lemon.
The OPI nail varnish is right up my street!

 When I saw this orange and white tube I hadn't a clue what it was. On further inspection I realised it was some sort of balm - it's official name being - Inglot Lip Defence Treatment in number 03. This isn't listed on the website but I found the following on Inglot Irelands Facebook Page:

Sounds nice eh! It has a slight light nude colour 

I'm going to leave the lipstick and lipgloss for my next post to review them a bit more in depth! Excited!! Woo! Thanks for reading!


Laura xo

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