17 August 2011

Changes are a happening!

Evening ladies.

Some of you have already noticed that I am blogging more already and have made some changes to my blog. I feel so happy, I really do. I feel like this is a complete fresh start even though nothing major is after happening!! I just want to share with you a few little changes I made to my blog. Only minor, but here we go!


So I have kept the overall feel and colour scheme of my blog as I really do love it. The header has the same font but it's larger now and a new stand out colour! I also have a blog slogan "Share your Beauty Bitz!" It's not very apparent in this picture (or indeed on my blog, as I can't seem to enlarge it or change the colour)


I have added some new menu tabs to my blog. I want anyone who reads my blog to be able to see where everything is. 


Originally the background behind my text was just the blue/purple/light blog background. I think this is much easier for people to read on a white background. It looks clean and fresh (as weird as that sounds!) Also the right hand side menu/gadgets bar is a nice light blue/lilac colour.


As you are reading this now you can see that the text is quite solid and easy to read. I originally had a more quirky font "Coming Soon". Although I liked this, I felt as though sometimes it blurred a bit against the blue background, so I decided to change it all together. It is now "Philosopher" which is quite solid with a slight flick. I used a dark grey for the colouring as I didn't want it to be just black and white.


I made a new signature to sign off each of my posts. I think this is very important, as I want my blog to be completely personal.


As I was saying in change 2, I created some new tabs. The first new one is "New Here?". This basically explains all of this to new readers. It explains what my blog is about, the layout of it and what the different name tabs mean. Originally all my posts were in one place, I have now separated them into different topics - beauty, fashion and personal. So if someone is interested in one topic over another, they will immediately know where to look. I'd love if you could actually check that out as it is just what you need to know now about the other tabs HERE "Beauty Bitz" "Fashion Fitz" and "Fitz Bitz" 


I want my blog to come across as personal and approachable. I want people to get to know me and not just listen to me or read! I want interaction, so I hope people will be interested to learn about the person behind the blog. This is a brief description about me and also some pics.


I actually had this already, but I plan on keeping it up to date this time. It's all explained in the TAB why that is.


I have learned that Twitter more a less, can work hand in hand with Blogger. Because Bloggers default commenting system is horrendous, Twitter is a great way to interact with my blog readers and fellow blogger gals. I thought this was a fun new twitter gadget that leads directly to my account


This more a less follows up on what I said up there. This is another way for people to keep up with new posts from my blog. Email is a handy way for work (or so I hear... *cough*) Also a new lil Twitter birdie! Adds a bit of colour anyway!!


A lot of people have this. I had it in cloud form but I much prefer this format. It's easy to read and straight forward if someone is browsing.


This is self explanatory - I just never had it before!


Quick glance to see who has been commenting. If you see your name you get a prize.......just kidding!! ;)


I mentioned above about Bloggers pathetic commenting system. Well I'm not having any of it anymore! I want to be able to reply to people!! Enter Disqus. You can leave a comment anonymously, via, Disqus if you have it yourself, Google, Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo and Open ID. I wish there were a Blogger option but you can leave your link to your website/blog when filling in your details. You can also leave a "reaction" meaning you like or don't like!


And last but not least is my FitznBitz Favicon. Basically this means nothing - just that a little logo comes up in the internet browser toolbar . Also if you bookmark my blog this will appear along side it. Nice though, I feel as though this is a real website now and I'm important!! Get bookmarking to see if it works!.....kidding again!

So there you go. I'm excited to be blogging again!!


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