31 August 2011

Debate or keep schtum?

Morning Ladies.

I've noticed recently just how "bitchy" girls can be - both in my personal and blogging life. Sometimes bitchiness can be mistaken for the plain and simple truth (that someone does not want to hear). If you think something is the truth and someone else thinks it's bitchy - this is more than likely because they simply do not agree with whatever you have just said, and turn on you. This is why it's so hard to confirm that someone is being an actual bitch!!

Some people are very opinionated and others know what they think and keep it to themselves. Of course they're are those who have no mind of their own and just go along with whatever everyone else thinks. This drives me nuts. I wish all women were strong enough to have their own opinion instead of going along with the crowd. Sometimes people don't want to hear what others think - which is fair enough, but what really gets me is when all of this is displayed on social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and indeed even Blogger sometimes.

 In general people do not like being wrong, but what annoys me is when someone asks for advice or for example, says something on twitter and someone else replies disagreeing with what they have just said, then they get pissed off and suddenly that person is a BITCH! Are we not allowed to express our own opinions? Are we not allowed to disagree with each other civilly? Just because someone disagrees with you on something does not make them a bitch or does not mean that they dislike you personally, but time after time I have seen this happening. Why can't people take feedback!!!? If you're on twitter/facebook/blogger or anything else, you should be prepared for feedback on what you say. It really annoys me that people can't handle others disagreeing with them.

Like that, a lot of people think of debating as being bitchy or fighting. This does not have to be the case at all, yet a lot of the time this is how people see it. Debating is to express or argue (not physically or nastily!!) the two opposing points of a topic. This does not have to be a negative thing, but a lot of the time it seems to turn sour when someone is proven wrong or outspoken. Just because you are proven wrong does not make the other person a bitch and in my opinion should not be taken personally. Of course if the topic is sensitive or personal this is a whole other blogpost. What i'm talking about here is general opinions being disagreed with and the way people handle it.

It hasn't happened to me personally in a while, but I have been seeing it amongst others. Are you one to express your opinion and enjoy a debate? Or are you one to just keep schtum and avoid confrontation?


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