20 August 2011

MAC Costa Chic Lipstick

Hey Ladies!

So my newest MAC lipstick is Costa Chic which my sister bought for me for my birthday last month. I have to say though I have not been wearing it that much and as I look at it now I’m not sure why. Perhaps because it’s such an “out there” colour. I feel I have to watch what clothes I wear when wearing it – I’m weird like that. Here are some up close pics of the lipstick.

Since I have played around with it, I have noticed it goes beautifully with a bronzed face. For a night out it’s great to layer it on strongly for a good pop of colour. I have also worn it during the day by just applying one light layer to my lips. One glide alone of this colour still gives amazing colour pay off but in a more subtle way. Because the lipstick is so majorly pigmented, I find that it stays longer on my lips. It is a "Frost" but it seems a tad more moisturising that other MAC frosts I have tried.

Top: Single Swatch        Bottom: Layered Swatch

It’s described as a “coral” colour but I would say it definitely learns towards the orange side more than the pinkish side of a coral colour. In my opinion this is what makes it so unique. Apparently “this is the colour that made MAC famous”. 


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