28 August 2011

Sleek Oh So Special Eyeshadow Palette

Hi all!

My final Sleek iDivine Eyeshadow palette that I am going to show you is the 'Oh So Special' Palette. If you'd like to see the Bad Girl, Storm or the Sunset Palettes click HERE.

This one was actually out of stock the first time I went to order it from Beauty Emporium, so I ordered the Sunset one instead. From looking at the website they do look a bit similar - some light shades, and pinkish and purple-ish colours; but when I received it, they really are quite different. The colours in this one are much more subtle and slightly more neutral. Here is the description from the Sleek Website:

"Take your look from day time chic with matte browns and creamy beiges, through to sultry evening glamour with shimmering grays and smokey plums.   A make-up bag staple and a must-have i-Divine you can rely on, so no matter where you are or what you’re doing you’ll look Oh So Special!"

This palette came with names


With Flash

Out of the four palettes I have this is probably the most varied colour wise. It has nudes, browns, purples and pinks. Again, it contains both pearl and matte finishes with both light and dark colours. Because of this, it means you can create both a subtle/soft/daytime look or a stronger/smokey/evening look.

  • This palette came with a little leaflet also, showing some other products that Sleek offer. They seem to be a bit inconsistent with what they place in with each product. This leaflet did not come with any of the rest of them and this palette and the Bad Girl Pallete both had named shadows; the others did not. In saying that, if this is the only half negative thing I have to say about all of these iDivine Palettes, that alone says something. I'm really impressed.

This Oh So Special Palette is available from the Sleek Website or if you're in Ireland from Beauty Emporium for €9.


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