21 August 2011

Soap and Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Lipgloss Trio

Hi All.

So I got this Soap and Glory Lipgloss set a while back from ASOS.

If you have not tried their “Sexy Mother Pucker” lipgloss, then here is a quick roundup of it:
It’s a lip plumping gloss which is formulated “with a rare circulation enhancing ingredient that gives your lips a little ‘electric’ buzz, to move more blood around the area, creating a swelling effect”.

When applied it definitely does leave a tingly feeling. A lot of people hate plumper’s for this reason but I do love it. The gloss itself definitely is sticky – the stickiest I have come across so far, so if you’re not fond of sticky lip glosses, this not for you. Personally, I love this type of gloss. Because it is quite thick and sticky, it stays on my lips for hours. I would have to say it’s the longest lasting gloss I have ever used. It’s also really shiney on the lips

One of these (which are available in Boots) is about €9-€10 as far as I can remember. Soap and Glory are often part of the "3 for 2" offer so keep an eye out for that. When I saw this trio set for €15.74 on ASOS i was quick to act. Here are the colours that were included:

What A Melon, Super Starry and Nude - don't ask me why the dark brown is called Nude!!!

I have to say I love the packaging of Soap & Glory Products. Something nice about the box that this came in is that it is made so that it can easily be folded over to be wrapped up if you are buying it as a pressie for someone. Such a small simple idea, but that is what counts for me a lot of the time.

Anyone else love sticky lipglosses, or am I alone!!?


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