28 August 2011

Soothing Sunday

Hi Ladies.

Just gonna finish off my day with a little post. I love Sundays. It always seems to be the most relaxing day of the week for me. A lot of the time I have the same routine on a Sunday. Sometimes (usually) I am severly hungover on a Sunday. When I'm not I enjoy to eat well on a Sunday, spend most of the day at home with Cathal, James and Bulmer. I love to blog on Sundays also, along with catching up with other peoples bloggings and plenty of You Tube videos. I'll usually watch a film too (after Keeping Up With The Kardashians obvs)

Bulmer and his new pal Phoebe
Bulmer and Phoebe

Barely finished half of this but it was delish!
Ohhhh LORD. Delish!

I always have something burning. This is Yankee Candles Pink Sands

 The view from my room this evening. How beautiful is this, seriously!

 I absolutely love candle light or any sort of lamps or dimmed lighting. It's so relaxing and I feel happiest in my room like this :)

Hope you all had a nice Sunday and weekend


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