08 September 2011

Mozzy Pop Jewellery

Morning Ladies.

So recently I made an order to http://www.shopmozzypop.com/. This is an online jewellery store owned and run by Dayner Lloyd who is living in the UK. Her stuff is really well priced and there are some lovely quirky girlie items available. She also has a blog HERE if you want to take a peek into her more personal life :) I just wanted to share the items I got with you.

 They both came in seperate little pink jewelled bags, her business card and a little note.

 This came as a set of two for £3.95/€4.50
They also look lovely stacked like so.

The rings are adjustable but fit me perfectly as they are. 

These lilac flower earrings were also £3.95/€4.50. They are also available in a peachy cream colour and in a mint colour. (which I am more than likely going to buy also!)

 Here are Dayners contact details

Just going to let you in on a sneaky something. If you would like to buy something from the online store enter the code LOVEMOZZYPOP2011 at the check out. It will get you a 20% discount ;) And guess what - shipping is free worldwide! Oh how I love to see that online!!

I love jewellery and love discovering new online sites. If you know of any please do let me know :)


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