12 October 2011

Come into my life (for 5 mins!)

Hey All.

For the past while I have found myself snapping random pics on my phone and camera. I guess the blogger in me is taking over my normal self, as I have no idea really why I felt the need to take pictures of random things! But I have decided to share - why not!! I want to keep my blog as personal as possible, I don't want it to seem serious and full of facts and reviews of products - although that is what I like to focus on, as I myself love reading reviews and learning about other peoples thoughts on different items. Here's my life in pics for the last while.

Lots of playing and walking with Cathal (my son) and Bulmer (my pug)

 My Yankee of choice for the past while has been one of my favs - Ocean Blossom. I have to say though, I wish it were a bit stronger. I love the scent but I'd prefer if it were a bit more noticeable as I love it so much! I myself have been smelling like Kim Kardashian! :)

 I've had this pic of Ms. Marilyn Monroe for ages but never put it up. It's now proudly displayed in my bedroom. I'm not a fan of posters though. I might try to make some sort of frame to make it look less "postery"! 
I also added her to my laptop :)

I badly needed some of this in my bedroom! I got these earring holders on ebay for less than €2 each with free shipping! Bargain. I got them HERE if you're interested.
 This double sided yokey is from Penneys, not mad about it but it keeps everything together.

I was in the paper! The Corkman to be specific. The same pic was also featured in a local magazine. It was when I was at a beauty and fashion event with my sister. (This is where I met Breffny Morgan from last years Apprentice)

Here are some bits I bought and won from fellow Beauty Bloggers! The earrings are custom made by Tara. Have a look HERE at more of her uniques bits!
The second pic is quite funny really. The postman was bold with my prize I won from Viva Adonis!! But my god did it smell great!! I won a handcream from The Handmade Soap Company and a No7 Lash Adapt Mascara.

This baby also arrived through my letterbox last week. Beaut.ie have launched their second book - Gorgeous To Go. It is FABULOUS! A really nice read if you're interested in beauty and it's such a cute handy size!! Loving it! It will be available nationwide from the 14th October for the RRP of €12.99

I love taking pictures of my food!!

 Oh how I love Guacamole and salsa!!
I made this myself - pasta, chicken, cheesy.tomato sauce & some melted mozzarella 
My favourite food IN THE WORLD!
Does this even need a caption!!?

 My sister graduated college recently so we went for a family meal at Vienna Woods Hotel in Cork.
 This picture doesn't do it justice but our table in a special reserved area in the hotel restaurant was gorgeous - called The Snug - red velvet sofa, lots of big soft cushions, really comfy, private and....snug!

And last.... but probably the most exciting, is my new phone. I traded in my old love (HTC Desire - which I loved and definitely recommend) for my new Samsung GALAXY S II. I'm still fiddling around with it, but boy do I love it already!!


And there we go. I might do some more of these if people are interested, let me know :) Speak soon. Oh!!! And don't forget to enter my GIVEAWAY :)


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