01 November 2011

Rapid Review Intro

Dia daoibh! 

Hope you're all doing reasonably well (how very morbid/realistic of me!!) Ok so, I have decided I'm going to start a series called.....
The aim of this is to keep the particular review/post short and sweet yet to the point. In the hectic world we live in, I hope it will benefit those of you who don't have the time to spend reading long or thorough product reviews (handy if you're going to be reading it in school/college/work or somewhere else you shouldn't be reading it!!) I hope you like the idea and I'll get started soon :)

Ps. I've also changed my post intro to "Dia daoibh" as you can see above. It basically means "hello" in Irish for those of you outa towners! And "Slán" means "bye" btw, although I'm sure most of you could guess what they mean! I just want to keep a bit of Irishness to my likle blog :)


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