29 October 2011

Whizzer Whitening Strips

 Dia daoibh.

Today I'm going to review Whizzer Whitening Strips.

 I bought mine from Beauty Emporium for €24.75. In the box you get 56 strips (28 for upper teeth and 28 for lower teeth). The strips can be used once a day for 28 days or for a more rapid whitening action twice a day during 14 days. I done a bit of both. Here's a bit from the back of the box.

I have tried the Crest strips. Now Whizzers are different in that they dissolve on the teeth. They contain dissolving film technology. It says they will dissolve within 5-10 minutes but I found it to be more. I thought the dissolving thing was a brilliant idea - compared to other plastic strips that can move about on the teeth slightly. A great idea, but does it pay off....... I'm not so sure. 

The strips do dissolve, but to a sticky gooey mess. The thing about it is, that both sides of the strip are the same so this means that both sides dissolve (obviously) but when it dissolves it sticks to the inner lip and can lift away from the teeth if you were to talk or even slightly move. I found this incredibly annoying! So therefore their statement of "whitening on the go, whiten, anywhere at anytime" I would say is 
 false! Of course you could, but not discreetly! 

They do not dissolve evenly, more so in some places and in other places you're left with little bumpy gooey bits. Yock. All of this bugged me so much so that I actually wanted to stop using them!! I pushed through and kept going though and found a slight solution. When I apply the strips to my teeth I immediately need to moisten (yes.... I mean let spit fall down) onto the strip so that there is a little barrier between the strip and my inner mouth/lip. It still does stick slightly, but not as bad. 

The strips have a minty flavour....VERY minty; hot minty!! I didn't experience any sensitivity at all (which I did with the crest ones). I suppose what matters the most though, are the results, and here they are.

(natural light in both photos)

I didn't even think my teeth were that yellowish beforehand but the difference is clear to be seen. The strips definitely whitened my teeth. It's great that these are an Irish product, not to mention Europe’s first and only dissolving teeth whitening strip.

As an extra, Whizzer strips offer instantly fresh breath due to their minty flavour and also kill the oral bacteria that causes gingivitis and bleeding gums, giving you triple dental action in one single product.

Here is a list of the Ingredients (although they are strangely enough not listed on the website.: 
Pectin, PVP, Glycerol, Flavor, Hydrogen peroxide, Sodium carboxymethyl cellulose, Modified starch, Polsorbate 80, Sucralous.

Overall I am still a bit 50/50 with these, but at the end of the day they did work so I guess it's a thumbs up from me if you can get over the consistency of them!

The strips are available to buy from the  Whizzer WebsiteBeauty Emporium, or from the following stores:

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