23 November 2011

2 Great Sigma Offers

Dia daoibh!

Just found out that the Sigma website are having a 'Black Friday' this Friday 25th November 2011. Basically what this means is FREE SHIPPING for all customers!! Yay!! This is a rare (annual) occurrence for Sigma international customers.

EDIT as of 25/11/11 It has now been extended to 11:59pm CST so that is 3pm-5.59am (Irish/British/GMT Time!)
Enter the above code BF2011 at checkout.

If you are interested in items such as sets or other larger items, or brushes that are hard to source within Ireland/UK (E45 I speak of you babes!!) I highly recommend placing an order. In saying that, there is no minimum purchase to be entitled to free shipping so buy as little or as much as you like! :) Here are some other offers:
  • If you spend between $30-$90 you will receive a free travel size E25 Blending Brush. 
  • If your order is above $100 you get this mini eye-shadow pallete (you won't receive both though!)
  • You can get 10% off your order by using the code PSW2011 or IN2011 (expires 30th November 2011) Because there  you cannot get both 10% off you order and free shipping, so just use which ever works out best for you. But make sure to check out the 'special deals' sectiopn for some sale items! Or, if you miss out on Fridays sale the above code will still be active :)

Otherwise, if you are in Ireland and are just looking for some individual brushes I highly recommend (second one!!) ordering from cloud10beauty.
  • Most of their brushes are actually cheaper than they are on the actual Sigma website! 
  • Plus it's faster delivery 
  • and you get 3 free samples. 
  • To add to that, there is a special offer on at the moment. You will receive a free Sigma Travel E25 with any Sigma Order & Free Mini High Shine Lip Gloss with any Sleek Order (while stocks last) HALLO!!! Click HERE to have a look at the Sigma brushes they stock.

I am not affiliated or any of that other craic with either of these companies! Just sharing some valuable (imo) info with you ladies!! ;) Will you be making an order!?


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