25 November 2011

Beaut.ie Book launch & Vlogger/Blogger meetup

Dia daoibh!

So this is a well over due post!! Just over 2 weeks ago I had some fun in Cork City. I attended the 'Real Capital' (d'ya hear that Dublin!!) book signing of the brand new Beaut.ie book 'Gorgeous To Go' by Aisling McDermott. This is the second book from Aisling - click HERE to have a look at both of them! It's available from the usual book outlets nationwide for €12.99. 

I met up with Sinead TheMakeUpChair on Youtube and blogger HERE and Sarah who's blog is HERE. We were lucky enough to be included in the first 50 in-store for the signing so we were given a goodie bag each!! Noice!! Here are some piccys!!

That was fun but we had more plans to be getting too! We went for coffee (a latte, hot chocolates and brownies to be specific!) "Riiiing Riiiiiing"!! Sinead's sister Treena was on her way. Treena is also a YouTube laydee, her channel is HERE

"Riiiiiing Riiiiing"!! My phone went off. It was Katie (KatieElisabeth21 on YouTube or blogger HERE) The girls went off to meet Treena and I stayed put to wait for Katie. 

We all came back together then and had some chats before heading off to meet Jen (jenmurphyxx8 on YouTube) We spent the rest of the day having chats, coffee, playing games, had lunch and went shopping!! Both Sinead and Jen vlogged so you can have a look at their videos below if you like, along with some pics 

It really was such a lovely day; completely laid back and chilled. It's always nice to speak to other girls who have some of the same interests I have :) Until next time!!


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