28 November 2011

Brand new e.l.f Lipsticks alert!

Dia daoibh!

If you follow me on TWITTER you might have heard that I was chosen by e.l.f (Eyes Lips Face) Cosmetics to review their line of brand new and un-released lipsticks!! I was delighted to be chosen, as I knew many British ladies were also keen to review these babies!! I was a bit late in receiving mine due to the postal services, but finally they arrived. The lipsticks are part of the permanent regular line and just in the last couple of days, are now available on the website HERE for just £1.50/€1.75! Here are the 6 colours available

L-R: Nostalgic, Charming, Flirtatious, Captivating, Sociable, Fearless. 


I personally really like the packaging. I love that you can see the colour of the lipstick straight away. I'm not a fan of clear lids in the effort to do this, so to me this is the best idea I have seen for this! I do have a few little quams though! Scroll back up to the first pic. Notice anything!?? The lid of the 5th one is the opposite way around. I presume this was a mistake. Also, if you'd care to take a look at the picture below, you will notice that 2 lipsticks were missing their name & info labels from the end. Hmmm....not the best start, but nothing disastrous either, just a little hiccup I guess!!

One other slight negative I have about the packaging is that when fully wound closed, the head of the lipstick still sticks out over the clear tube (as seen in the pic below), so it will be easy to take chunks out of it when replacing the lid. Other than these few factors, they are reasonably sturdy for the price and overall I really do like the packaging. 


Now onto the actual lipsticks. They have a slight sweet fragrance which is lovely and can be tasted ever so slightly when removing if you lick your lips! 
They are extremely moisturising. They leave a moist/wet look on the lips and are very easy to apply and blend. Because they are so moisturising, this means that they are also quite delicate (which as below, you can see I learned the hard way!!) This is my own fault though, as I opened the lipstick to the max for photographic purposes!! On regular usage I'm sure most of you won't be opening it fully!! NOT for the heavy handed! Now my 'Captivating' is a bit of a mess.  Boo!! :(


And now moving onto the most interesting part; the colours!! First impression? B-E-A-uuuutiful colours! Amazingly pigmented. I would even say they are even on par with MAC, including even the nude colour! Here we go!!  

   Nostalgic,         Charming,               Flirtatious,             Captivating,            Sociable,        Fearless





(This has a small amount of silver glitter in it but it doesn't show up in pics or in person! You can see it when you take off the lipstick though! Dono what that's all about!! Perhaps to make it seem shinier!? Meh!)


                                                                               UPDATE: I wore Fearless today and just wanted to update of how it wore. Reds are notorious for staying power/staining and this was the same. Most (but not all!!) of the moisture faded as expected but A LOT of the colour stayed. This is how my lips are looking after 6hours 36 minutes!  (click to have a bigger look)

I have something to say..... I would GENUINELY wear ALL of these colours! There is not one that I do not like. The nude didn't photograph particularly well, but in person it is fab. I was particularly surprised by it (Nostalgic) I've never come across a cheap nude lipstick as good as this. It really is fantastically pigmented for a nude. Also the red (Fearless) shocked me. In person it's slightly deeper, it looks a little bit pinker in the photo's but it is one of THEE nicest reds I have ever tried!! (even though my boyfriend is scared of it!!)

e.l.f are one company who are great when it comes to special deals/codes etc. It is currently their 4th birthday and details of there offer is as follows:

(Extended until 9am 29/11/2011) Free shipping always gets me!! Keep an eye of their FACEBOOK and TWITTER for more offers too.

I am extremely impressed with e.l.f's new additions and at £1.50/€1.75 they're an absolute steal! Just be careful with them when opening and closing ;) What colours are your favourites? Which do you think looks best on me!!? Is your boyfriend/brother/father/male friend afraid of dramatic colours!!?

These products were sent to me for free from e.l.f Cosmetics for reviewing purposes. All opinions above are completely my own, 100% honest thoughts on the product.


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