14 November 2011

Is your life THAT bad?

I'm aware that we all have bad days, I certainly do as I wrote about before HERE, but something has been on my mind and I want to rant.

Some people (not everyone and no one in particular) seem to feel the need to give out every single god dam day. Be it on Twitter, Facebook or in "real life". As I said, we all have our off days and I wouldn't take too much notice about someone giving out or being in a bad mood for the day, but it's a whole different story when I notice people complaining and bitching constantly about the most ridiculous and materialistic things.

 Have people forgotten how to appreciate the simple things; like life itself? We all have a life, it's not something we think about, it's something that just is.... and that's it. Obviously something has happened in my own personal life that has spurred me to write this post but in general I am quite an observant person. I don't usually feel the need to complain about people complaining. I usually just notice it, think about it and move on knowing that I do appreciate things.

One thing that has struck me as of late, is how casual people can be when it comes to saying quite horrible and serious things. "FML" (Fuck My Life) being the main one that absolutely infuriates me. I regularly see people tweeting this and it really gets to me. (search it on twitter and wait a while. You'll see more and more people tweeting it within seconds) Is your life really that bad that you actually curse it!? I'm aware that it's "just a saying" and I might be sounding a bit dramatic here, but you're still saying it whether you actually mean it or not! I tweeted this a while ago:

Another thing that is quoted regularly is that "life's too short". This is a good thing in itself, but again I think it's overly used and when used, not actually taken seriously by many. I'm a very sincere person. If I say something, I really do mean it. Maybe I'm being a bit too sensitive about the whole thing; I don't know. 

Social media has exploded in the last few years and it's seeming to me that some people are slowly losing touch with the real world and sincerity.  If everything was taken away from you, I'm sure you wouldn't be long realising that it's not all that bad. If  bad things didn't happen we wouldn't know what good things feel like.

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