03 December 2011

INGLOT Eyeshadow Palette Giveaway

Dia daoibh!


So if you read my post from yesterday you will know what this is all about!! I have a beautiful 10 Square INGLOT Eye Shadow Palette to giveaway to one of my blog followers. I'm really delighted about this! These are the exact same colours that I just bought myself so I hope you like what I chose. There are 7 Pearl finishes (my favourite) one matte, one AMC Shine and one AMC. Here is the palette!

 Top Row L-R:   
405            12            55            421            423
     395             447             358             454             404 
Bottom Row Left - Right

This is the top row of the palette in the same order:
   405              12              55              421              423

This is the bottom row of the palette in the same order:
    395             447             358             454             404 

You likey!? You wanty!? Here's how to enter. ENTRY #1 (2 parts) are the two you MUST do to be entered. Extra entries are optional.


ENTRY #1 (2 parts)
1. Be a follower of my blog - after all this is what the whole giveaway is about. To share some nicies with you lovelies who read and follow my ramblings! If you're not following just click "Join this site" to the right of my blog. If that's not there you can click "follow" on the very top left corner. Make sure to leave your Google Friend Connect Name in the comments below.

1a. Email your answer to the following question to Laura@Fitznbitz.com or else you can Twitter Mail/Facebook PM me your answer.

What other lipstick did I compare my INGLOT 144 lipstick to? <--- click there for some help to find the answer!

EXTRA ENTRY #2(optional)
2. Follow me on twitter HERE

EXTRA ENTRY #3(optional)
3. Tweet the following

If ud like the chance 2 win a brand new 10 Square INGLOT eyeshadow palette have a look at @FitznBitz 's giveaway here http://www.fitznbitz.com/2011/12/inglot-eyeshadow-palette-giveaway.html

EXTRA ENTRY #4(optional)
4. Add me as a friend on Facebook HERE

EXTRA ENTRY #5(optional)
5. Share the following on Facebook (make sure to @link my name properly so that I see it): 

If ud like the chance 2 win a brand new 10 Square INGLOT eyeshadow palette have a look at @Fitz N Bitz 's giveaway here http://www.fitznbitz.com/2011/12/inglot-eyeshadow-palette-giveaway.html

At the end tell me the number of entries you are entitled to 1/2/3/4/5 in the comments below and make sure to leave your GFC name also.

And that's it. Competition is open internationally and will end on Thursday 15th December 2011. Hopefully it'll arrive before Christmas!


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