21 December 2011

World of Thought

Dia daoibh!

So, in case you don't know it; I'm a thinker. I think a lot about different things. I'm not necessarily a dreamer, I'm more of a realist and a bit of a worrier! I was in a mad huzzy (is that even a word!!) yesterday cleaning the house. I wanted it to be spic and span for Christmas in case we have any guests calling over. Now I don't mind cleaning, but when James (the boyfriend) came in the door that evening and said "I thought you'd have the kitchen done by now" and continued on into the sitting room to sit down and watch the match, it infuriated me, to say the least! About 10 minutes later when I was cleaning the kitchen, Cathal (my small man) decided to bustle in and say "Mom, I think you need to wash the floor, look at my feet!" and lifted up his leg to show me the soles of his feet (which were in fact a bit black looking!) Oh dear baby Jesus..... this re-boiled my blood. I slammed down the pan I was in the middle of washing and stomped up the stairs and threw myself on the bed like a stroppy teenager. I always do this. Well, not necessarily stomp around the place like a teenager, but when I need a time out for myself, my bed is the place I go to. I was wrecked tired from cleaning for hours and then, all those two fellas downstairs can do is complain about what I haven't done. TYPical :(
So it took me a few minutes, but I realised...... oh grow up Laura, just get over yourself. Upon further reflection, their comments only sparked off what was bound to happen regardless. I had no breakfast that morning and was flying around the place for hours, sweating from running up and down the stairs, my arms were aching from scrubbing the bathroom.... you get the idea. I was tired from cleaning. It was my own fault because as per usual I had left everything until the last minute (kinda) and just stressed myself out.
Very original picture of David  'The Thinker'! Source
As I was in my world of thought, on comes James and Cathal with a bouquet of flowers. I had been in my world of thought in my room for about half an hour and didn't realise that they had left, went down town to the shop to buy me flowers. They both came over, hopped on the bed and they gave me the flowers and hugs. I felt a surge of relief and warmth come over me. Such a simple thing - a bunch of flowers completely changed how I was feeling.
Beautiful flowers from Marks and Spencer Source

After that lovely little encounter I continued on thinking! I started thinking about changes I need to make. I wanted to me more organised. That's what my New Years Resolution is going to be. I looked at the flowers and smiled. I wanted to share the same with others. Automatically flowers remind me of Valentines Day. Now I don't particularly "celebrate" Valentines as I'm one of those who agrees that love should be shared everyday, not just on one specific day; but at the same time, sometimes we need a little reminder, and flowers are a lovely way of showing and expressing your feelings for someone. It's strange because that evening I received an email about Valentines day! I know!! It's only December, but there you go! Others are obviously much more organised than little ole me! Here's the link to Marks & Spencer who have set up for people to be reminded when they set up their specially formed shop for Valentines, which will include flowers, chocolates and more gifts. I don't know what came over me or why these flowers affected me so much, but I'm a strong believer in "everything happens for a reason". So I have signed up for the the reminder in the hope that it will help me to become more organised in the New Year and share the feeling of love and happiness! Two birds, one stone! For sure, I will be sending flowers to my mother and close friends and hopefully they might get some sort of positive feeling, just like I did! It's the small things that can make a huge difference to someone's day.


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