12 January 2012

If it's good enough for a celeb...

Dia daoibh!

I have a question for you? Celebrity product endorsements; what are your thoughts? I was just scrolling through my Facebook and saw a picture of the Irish wan who was in Britain and Ireland's Next Top Model posing with a box of Whizzer Strips (*cough.... which I reviewed here btw!!!) with the caption "The beautiful Hannah Devane is a fan of Whizzer!". Immediately my mind spoke.... "Ya, more like she's a fan of being paid to SAY she's a fan!!". Is that terrible!? Maybe Hannah Devane is in fact a fan of the product, but my first reaction was that it's just for publicity! I scrolled through and saw that a few more models were snapped posing, holding the box of Whizzers. Does that really make people want to buy something these days!!? I completly understand the company's reasoning that it will attract attention but what I'm wondering is do people buy products just because of the face of someone who is pictured with it!!? 

I laughed out (quite loudly) in the pub once after a Man Utd game when Rooney was obviously quite deliberatly handed a bottle of Lucozade Sport the second the full-time whistle was blown.... and I mean THE SECOND! Watch out for it if you happen to see a Man Utd game, or any other soccer or indeed sporting event. More than likely you will see someone being handed a bottle of something and I can tell you something; it's not just because they're thirsty!! It's quite amusing!!

But seriously!! It's so hard to comprehend how that actually works and makes money!! For children and teenagers it's a completly different story all together but are adults as gulliable!? It's all publicity for the company to spread the pictures of  a celeb with their products (be it product placement or genuine) I understand, but it's not necessarily advertising.... if you get me. I understand how money is made from tv adverts of Cheryl Cole bouncing her hair around the place, or Jennifer Lopez looking sultry and fluttering her sexy (false) lashes, but I'm interested to know if many people buy something just because they have seen a celeb actually eating/drinking/using a product!!?

I touched on Photoshop and more a less false advertising in this post (which is when I started blogging! You may be interested if you like this post :)


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