30 January 2012

Want to win some weightloss and energy!?

Dia daoibh!

Are you a bit of a couch potato!!? Want to win something that may aid you in losing weight and gaining energy!? Well if you read my post below I'll let you be in with a chance!! ;)

Some of you may know from my tweetings, that I have joined the gym. I have been eating slightly healthier than I normally do and I do want to lose some weight. My weight slightly fluctuates quite regularly as I tend to get into a health and fitness mind-frame every now and again. I want to get to a weight that I am comfortable with and proud of, but have not reached that point as of yet. I feel I need an extra kick.

I was recently introduced to Slender Dream; the Slim & Go food supplements in particular. Now, I am quite iffy about these type of products purely because there are so many different companies that all claim to do the same things. I don't know which to go for so I just don't bother. When I read up about Slim & Go it caught my attention, not just because it claims to aid in weight loss, but because of it's energy boosting claims. I looked up the ingredients on the WEBSITE and came across words such as 'Guarana' which I knew had something to do with caffeine. I also saw the words 'Green Tea' which I am a massive fan of and also 'Pomegranate'. There were also another few ingredients that I had never heard of before such as 'Chitosan' and 'Yerba Mate'. It would take a while to try to explain what all of these natural ingredients are good for, so if you're interested, feel free to visit the website, but basically these are five of nature's most powerful, proven fat burning ingredients!
Five of nature's most powerful, proven fat binding & fat burning ingredients; chitosan, pomegranate, green tea, yerba mate and guarana.
The fact that this product contains natural ingredients, has the added bonus of an energy boost and is simple to "do" massively appeals to me. As I am eating healthier and am getting exercise I think it's definitely worth a shot as my "extra kick!". If you are interested I might even keep track of how I get on via my blog? Would that be of interest to you?

Oh ya, and maybe you would like to try Slim & Go too!!? Gwan then so, you twisted my arm! Slender Dream have very generously given me 10, 1 week supply packs of Slim & Go to giveaway. I'm going to make it completely straightforward with two different chances of winning. You may enter both to be in with more of a chance.There will be 5 winners here from my blog and 5 winners from my Facebook friends.


To enter, make sure you follow my blog. At the very top of the page you will see the following:
Click Join this site. You can join up using your Google, Twitter or Yahoo a/c or if you have an AIM, Netlog or OpenID. You will not receive spam. It's just to make you a member of my blog.

Entry 1
1. Leave a comment here on my blog below, with your contact details (including your GFC name (your name of how you follow my blog). 
2.  "Like" Slender Dream Slim & Go on Facebook, click HERE 


Entry 2
1. "Like" Slender Dream Slim & Go on Facebook, click HERE 
2. Leave a comment on THIS picture on my Facebook Page saying you would like to be entered.

7The giveaway is open to residents of Ireland over the age of 18 and will close on Tuesday 7th February 23:59 GMT.


Before I go, I'll leave you with Slender Dream's quite entertaining and fun video they put together!


Slender Dream Slim & Go is available online HERE at Lifes2Good for €19.95 for 60 Capsules and is also available from Boot's Pharmacy and pharmacies nationwide.

Take 1-2 capsule(s) 20 minutes before meals with a glass of water for a minimum of 12 weeks.
Do not take more than 4 capsules per day or as recommended by your doctor.
Slender Dream is recommended as part of a calorie controlled diet with regular exercise.
Result may vary.

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