15 March 2012

Schwarzkopf Professional [3D]MENSION for Men

Dia daoibh.

Men. I guess some of them like to take care of their hair too. I tormented my boyfriend James to put some Schwarzkopf Professional products to the test and after some final words of encouragement (perhaps a bribe or two!) he agreed.

Now James is not a fella for his grooming. Don't get me wrong, he takes care of himself, but only to the bare minimum.... meaning he's always clean and smells nice, but that's about as far as he goes. He doesn't use face wash, moisturiser, I won't even mention fake tan or teeth whitening because he'd have heart failure at the thought of it!! But one thing he does do daily is his hair. It's a short clean cut (half back and side and a 1 or 2 on top?? Something like that!) so before these products came his way he used Dax which is a thick clearish wax. He doesn't exactly "style" his hair but likes to give it a shine and put his fringe into place. Recently though he mentioned and I noticed that he had a few spots on his forehead and I thought it was from his Dax, so these products couldn't have come at a better time. Now that you know a bit about the guinea pig, lets move on to the products.

What they say:
[3D]MENSION is the 1st hair care range by Schwarzkopf Professional brand that has been developed exclusively for men. The product range follows the principle of Trichology – the science of hair, scalp and roots: Scientifically proven ingredients work on [3D]MENSIONS to ensure maximum efficiency. Ranges available for: Normal hair, Dandruff, Hair Growth and Sensitive Scalps.

What I say:
First off; the packaging. We like. As you can see it's simple yet striking. 
Price point: each of these products are in or around the €11/£9 mark.

Sensitive Scalp Shampoo 
(rrp €11.15/£9.25 for 250ml)
Up first is the Sensitive Scalp Shampoo from the Hair/Scalp/Roots line. James does suffer with a bit of dry scalp (although again I think this may be from the greasy, heavy Dax drying it out) so this shampoo suited him well. He said it smelled manly and fresh, lathered well and cleaned product residue from his hair no problem. His scalp was left clean and flake free. He gave the shampoo a huge thumbs up but not sure that he would spend so much on a shampoo.

Strong Hold Gel
(rrp €11.38/£9.45 for 150ml) 
The Strong Hold Gel is from the Hold/Texture/Definition line. 
James is used to his tub of wax so the consistancy/texture of the product and the packaging was completely different for him. As I mentioned, he doesn't particularly style his hair by spiking or placing it specifically. He just likes it to be clean and neat looking and have a bit of a wet look. I recorded some results and here they are:
It gave him the "wet look". That's all about I can say for now!

It seemed to hold well after a few hours. It had hardened slightly but still looked sleek. In the 2nd image above you can see that it kept his fringe from touching his forehead which is where he was having problems before. This was a great factor for this gel. It definitely had a strong hold.

Now here is where the problem lay. Granted 10 hours is quite a long time but the aftermath isn't particularly pretty. It had completly dried and started to go white and flakey. Not a good look. 

Despite this happening, James still says he likes the gel but knows that for any longer than about 8 hours it will start to wear off. Because it has such great hold it has been of great benefit to his forehead! (<-that's a weird sentence!)

Mattifying Cream 
(rrp €11.38/£9.45 for 150ml)  
And finally is the Mattifying Cream from the Hold/Texture/Matt line. 
This is where my lil dude Cathal comes in!! The cream is a greyish cream colour. James has black hair and prefers the "wet look".  Cathal on the other hand has blonde hair so out of curiosity I tried it on him. He is only 6 and does not regularly wear product in his hair, but since trying it on him he has spiked his hair EVERY day since!! Because he wants to be like his daddy he has tried his Dax before but it just left him looking ridiculous! It darkened his hair and left it looking mega greasy. THIS Mattifying Cream is perfect for blonde/light brown hair to be styled with. It moulded the hair into shape without making it heavy or noticable. Here it is in action on my babóg's head! (ps. who would kill for his eyelashes?!!)

Massive thumbs up for this product for styling light coloured hair.

And there you have it, my (James and Cathal's) adventure with [3D]MENSION by Schwarzkopf Professional. Products can be found in selected salons normally retailing Schwarzkopf products. I also found out that Feel Unique sell the range at a fantastic price HERE. Do you think any of the men in your life would go for these? If you happen to be a man reading this what do you think? Please feel free to leave a comment below :)

The above products were sent to me for free from Schwarzkopf Professional's PR Team for reviewing purposes. All opinions above are completely my own, 100% honest thoughts on the products. 

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