27 March 2012

Something new for FitznBitz... kinda!

Dia daoibh!

Hope you're enjoying the sun if you have it today. It's fab here in Cork all day, so fingers crossed it stays for the week.

I have a bit of news for you. From time to time I'm going to start adding videos into my blog. Sometimes it's just easier to show a product, or a product in action in person (on video through the screen in person that is!!) rather than in pictures so I will be doing this using the platform...... you guessed it! My You tube Channel - FitzAndBitz

I have some video's on there from when I gave it a go last year if you want to check them out. In the meantime, I have just filmed my (second) first video of it being as part of my blog.

Here it is. It's called 7 Deadly Sins of Beauty and it's a tag. Of course this can be done as a blog tag rather than video format so feel free to copy the questions if you are interested.

Do you think including some videos into my blog is a good idea?


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