29 May 2012

Original Naked or Naked 2 Palette?

Dia daoibh!

Ok so this post may be a bit dated seeing as though the Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette has been available for quite some time now; but I still hear the question being asked "Do I need both palettes?" The answer? No, you don't need both palettes.... You might want both though!!! ;) I certainly did!

It is hard to decide between the two, but at a push, out of the two I seem to gravitate more towards the original palette. I have blueish eyes and love using warm tones to contrast and make them pop and the original palette mainly contains warm, golden brown tones.

There are 12 shades with a mix of matte and shimmer in both palettes. As I mentioned, the original Naked Palette has more warm tones shades. Both palettes contain Half Baked. 

Naked Palette
 2 matte shades - Naked and Buck
✩ The remaining 10 colours are mainly shimmer with some glitter colours.
Colours in this palette are warmer than Naked 2.
✩ Comes with a single ended Good Karma Shadow Brush and a travel sized eyeshadow Primer Potion.

Naked 2 Palette
✩ 3 matte shades - Foxy, Tease, Blackout
✩ 9 shimmer and glitter colours (more glittery than the original Naked)
✩ Colours in this palette are a bit more taupey and cooler.
✩ Comes with a mini Lip Junkie lipgloss in the shade Naked and a synthetic,dual-ended brush with a rounded blending brush end and a flat brush end.

Here are a few pics below comparing both palettes

Outer Packaging.

Both are quite sleek and compact looking with the same width, length and breadth.

✩ Naked Palette
The original Naked palette has a pointy edged, chocolaty velvet case, emblazoned with the word "NAKED" in gold foil lettering. Because it's velvet though it is impossible to keep clean.  It is lovely and  luxurious looking though.

✩ Naked 2 Palette
The Naked 2 is much heavier. The curved edged case has an art-school inspired look - taupe metal with embossed chocolate brown artwork. It's much sturdier and clicks shut securely.

Inner Packaging

✩ Naked Palette
The Top is magnetised lightly. Not great the best for travelling in-case it pops open. It contains a mirror on the inner lid.

✩ Naked 2 Palette
 The case clicks shut and has a hinged lid. It contains a full sized lid mirror - much bigger than the original.

Colour comparisons and swatches. 

Natural Daylight

Naked 2 


Naked 2 



Naked 2 


Both palettes are €40.50 from Debenhams. I hope this helps to make your mind up as to which palette to go for .


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