22 June 2012

Irish Beauty/Fashion YouTubers/Gurus!

Dia daoibh.

So today's post will be part two of my "Share the love" series. Part one including Irish Beauty Bloggers is HERE if you would like to take a peek. 

This time I have compiled a list of  (51)Irish ladies who make beauty and fashion videos on You Tube. You Tube videos and blogging seems to go hand in hand a lot of the time so I thought this might be of interest to a lot of people. You can click on each person's purple name in the video to be brought straight to their channel. Alternatively the list of everyone is below. Here we go:)

Hope you enjoyed and thanks for reading/watching :)

EDIT: Just noticed that the thumbnail for the video is...... me!! Sooo strange that out of 51 of us that it turned out to be me!!


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