03 September 2012

New Sure Dedorant Giveaway

Dia daobh!

Apologies for the lack of regular updates. You would seriously not believe the amount of technology failure I have been experiencing!! So far in the past month I have had to purchase a new Laptop, camera and today.... phone! I will seriously be having a September Saving Session! I may be lacking in funds but ironically I have a little giveaway for my readers today.

'Sure' is my favourite brand of deodorants. My ultimate fav is the anti-perspirant stick deodorants. I dislike using sprays as they make me sneeze and 99% of the time I end up tasting it in my mouth. Roller-balls are slightly better but I'm not fond of the wet feeling on my underarms after use. So therefore my love for stick deodorants!

Ironically (again!) I have a spray and rollerball of Sure's newest additions. I have tried them both and really like them, anti-sweat benefits and the beautiful fresh smell. 

"Sure Women ULTRA DRY includes a fresh new scent; Linen DryIts innovative motionsense™ system responds directly to movement giving you long lasting 48h protection.  The formula contains microcapsules that sit on the surface of the skin and as a result of friction in the underarm break when you move, releasing bursts of freshness throughout the day."

This all sounds a bit... bla bla bla, but I genuinely do agree with the motion sense bit. I have been trying the products out and have certainly noticed "bursts of freshness throughout the day! I really have! 

It's available in:
 150ml spray form for RRP €2.89, 250ml for RRP €4.36 or in rollerball form for RRP€2.37

Fancy a try of it? Enter below for the chance to try out both products :)


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