07 November 2012

INGLOT Bloggers Event Limerick

Dia Daoibh!

Last night I attended the >INGLOT< Blogger event in Limerick that was taking place to give us a sneak peek  into some of the new products coming out. I was delighted to receive a complementary goodie bag and of course being the INGLOT fangirl that I am, I also purchased some products on the night!
I took some snaps to share with you all so here we go!

This beautiful 14 piece Brush Set will be priced at €150. This includes 14 Face, Eyes, Lips and multipurpose brushes with bristles made from a mix of Goat and Pony and Synthetic fibers in a fab black durable case.

5 new Metallic Nail Enamels are priced at €10 each. The shades in person are amazing and when I saw two of the INGLOT girls Celene and Stacey wearing them I knew I needed 1 in my life! Perfect as a finishing touch for your Christmas (or indeed any) festive outfit!

The new line of 10 rainbow shadows Palettes start at €20 and can be mixed with any other shades from the freedom collection. A 10 square palette is priced at €88. Each pan is €8 each (plus palette price) but for that you are essentially getting 4 colours in 1 pan. When I saw these I wasn't immediately drawn to them as I thought they looked a bit glittery. Once I saw the makeup demonstration however, my mind was completely changed. These shadows are beautifully shimmery/sparkly as opposed to being glittery. Lots of fab colours available too and again great for the upcoming festive season for a bit of sparkle and fun!

All of the above will be available in the Limerick, Belfast and Dublin Stores this Friday 9th November 2012 :)

On the night I asked some questions about my brows. As you may know I recently >changed my hair colour< so I'm currently playing around with colours and trying to figure what colours suit me best. The brow pencil I was using was OK but I knew I needed something with more of a red tint to it. The ladies at INGLOT were at my dispense and matched me perfectly to a brow shadow. Stacey sat me in the hot-seat and showed me how the dark, reddish brown powder looked on. As the product was applied to my brows she explained to everyone why it works so well along with a brow pencil on the bottom line of the brow.  I was delighted with the results so obviously I had to make the purchase and I'm so happy with it!

Some pics of Stacey who demo'd some of the new products on Avril on the night.

The night was a great success and I'm really delighted with my new INGLOT Goodies. Be sure to check out their facebook pages and twitter which I will link below. They upload lots of pictures of INGLOT Products and make up looks. 

Thanks so much to Stacey, Avril and Celene for having us on the night. Have you tried INGLOT yet? Click >HERE< to see some swatches and product reviews :)

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