07 January 2013

Heard of iHerb?

Dia daoibh,

Today's post is hopefully one that might help you save a few quid if you are interested in buying Real Techniques Brushes. I discovered iHerb after watching a fellow blogger and YouTuber  heyyyjune mentioning them in a video. Off I went to do some research and I'm so glad I did. I have saved quite a bit!

iHerb is an online store which sells nutritional supplements and other healthy products. The organisations is based in California. They sell eco-friendly, cruelty free and organic products at amazing prices.

 Real Techniques brushes are also available in store from Boots and online from places such as >Cloud 10 Beauty< but I got mine cheapest from iHerb.

Now onto what you all want to know..... the prices!
The following were my figures worked out: ...

Items: $52.96
Discounts ($10.00)
Shipping $4.00
Tax $0.00
Order Total $46.96 (which at the time totaled to €37.50)

If I had bought the same items at the following here would be the prices:

Over €70 at Cloud10Beauty
Over €85 at Boots

As you can see that's a massive saving, more a less half!! Here's what I bought individually:
^ Real Techniques Blush Brush ^
iHerb Price: $8.99 (Approx €6.80)
Cloud 10 Beauty: €11.99
Boots Price: €13.71/£9.99

^ Real Techniques Setting Brush ^
iHerb Price: $7.99 (approx €6.06)
Cloud10: Beauty Price: €8.50
Boots Price: £8.99 (Approx €11-€12)

^ Real Techniques Core Collection ^

iHerb Price: $17.99 (Approx €13.64)
Cloud10Beauty Price: €24.99
Boots Price: €30.49/£21.99

^ Real Techniques Starter Set ^
iHerb Price: $17.99 (Approx €13.64)
Cloud10Beauty Price: €24.99
Boots Price: €30.49/£21.99

^ Free gifts! ^

Just to make this post even nicer I have a iHerb discount code for you. 
Use the code at your shopping cart (right before check-out,) to get the following big discount off your first order!!:

- If the order totals more than $40, you will receive $10 off!
- If the order totals less than $40, you will save $5!

I noted that if your order is under $40 international shipping is $6 and if it's even slightly just over $40 it's $4 - so you might as well treat yourself to a little something extra to make the most value!
The following are examples of the shipping costs had I have chose to buy 3 or 4 items. There are various options for shipping such as Priority, tracked, regular. I went for (international) Global Priority Mail by DHL (available to selected countries) which is a flat rate fee of $4.00 for orders over $40.00! The more items you buy the cheaper the shipping 
$39.97/€32.04 for 3 items - $6 shipping
$46.96/€37.65  for 4 items - $4 shipping

Click on each link below to see the Real Techniques Brushes I bought:

So there you go. I hope this has helped you to save some money if you were considering purchasing Real Techniques Brushes or other eco-friendly products. Let me know if you take a advantage of this!

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