26 February 2013

Stylfile Review

Dia daoibh!

Today I bring you..... the Stylfile (Style.... without the e!- fancy eh!?) These are the latest nail and buffer files on the market. These ones in particular were designed by Tom Pellereau of last years (2011) UK version of The Apprentice. Any Lord Sugar fans out there..... *raises hand! ...

First impressions for many (myself included) is that this is just a fancy shaped, unnecessary tool.But wait, give me a chance to play! The files are 

"designed with a unique curved shape that follows the natural shape of the nail, making filing easy. The curved shape of the S-file, S-buffer and Emergency File make filing or buffing simple on either hand, at home or on the go, meaning messy and uneven nails are a thing of the past."

Now that is all well and good, but this is how I got on when actually using the products. Overall, very well. 

Up first is the S-File. The curve on the file is genuinely pretty handy. I find it shapes the nail without having to awkwardly maneuver it. For those of you who are not a whiz with a regular nail file, this will be of great use if you find it difficult to get the evenly rounded shape on both sides of the nail. It seems to do all the work for you!
Online price €5.95

Up next is the S-File. To be honest the curve isn't as necessary with the buffer. I still find myself having to buff twice (once on each side of the nail) as it won't reach the whole way around in one swipe. With the buffer you move in a side to side, back & forth motion unlike the S-File. It does however speed the process up having it curved. It leaves the nails smooth (and shiney if you use step 4) and prepped for nail varnish.
Online price €6.50

Any finally is this lil cutie called the Emergency file. Again I have genuinely found this useful. I have it attached to my keys and have used it numerous times. I'm not one to every carry around a nail file or nail varnish remover with me for a quick fix, but because it so handily attached to my keys anyway, I use it because I have it! A first for me!
Online price €5.95

As I mentioned, first impressions of this lot might not be great and I have seem some less than positive reviews of this by people who have not actually tried the product itself, so as I have said before, don't judge something before you actually try it.

The Stylfile range are available online from Beauty Matters.ie, Sam McCauley, and instore from DocMorris and Boots Pharmacies.

I yap on a bit about the Stylfiles in my latest video too if you care to take a look! 

The above product was sent to me by the Brands PR Team for reviewing purposes. All opinions above are completely my own, 100% honest thoughts on the products. 

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