06 March 2013

Playtex One Size Down

Dia daoibh!

This morning I bring you something a little different. A few months ago I was on a bit of a health kick. I lost some weight and told you all I would share with you my story. I have a lot of various bits and pieces to speak about so I'm going to break it up into a few different posts. Today I want to show you something that I spotted on the Debenhams website which I used and is now on sale.

This is the Playtex Objective 1 Size Down Thigh Slimmer. Normally I'm not one for "fads" like this but as I was just starting my journey of health and fitness and agreed to give it a go! Here are the claims:

"....new generation of active shapewear which is clinically proven to provide effortless slimming and anti-cellulite effect day after day as well as an immediate shaping effect. Doing the work for you, Objective 1 Size Down will help to drop centimeters off your hips and thighs in only 28 days."

So basically by wearing the spandexey, bicycle shorts-like garmet for 28 days, 8 hours per day you could drop a size. Here's how it works. Acti-Mineral ceramic crystals are woven into the fibers of the fabric, stimulating a continuous massage effect of the body, improving blood microcirculation in the area covered by the garment and facilitating the removal of toxins.

I really was sceptical about it but as I said I was willing to give it a go. It sounds a bit extreme to have to wear something for 28 days, 8 hours per day but surprisingly it wasn't that big a deal when it came down to it. It wasn't overly tight or uncomfortable and was unnoticeable under clothes. Also it can be washed normally.

So did I see results? I did lose weight, I did drop a dress size but it's impossible to tell whether these were an aid to my loss or not. At the time I was eating very healthily and exercising 5 times weekly, so I was losing weight myself anyway. In saying that though my thighs seems smoother and I seemed to have a reduced amount of bumps/cellulite.

I decided to tell you about this all today because I spotted the Thigh Slimmer (Long leg above) on the Debenhams website at a hugely discounted price. 70% in fact from €44.50 to just €13.35!! The waistliner is reduced but 20%, that's €40.50 to €32.50 and the and high waist long leg ones are also reduced by 20%, €49 to €39.20. Click >HERE< to have a look.I think at these reduced prices it's worth a go.

The chance to potentially drop a size by just wearing shorts under your clothes might just be worth it!!

The above product was sent to me by the Brands PR Team for reviewing purposes. All opinions above are completely my own, 100% honest thoughts on the products. 

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