17 April 2013

LUSH Spa Gift Box Review

Dia daoibh!

If you're a bath or body care fan, you're sure to have heard of Lush, the ethical, fresh & organic using, unbelievably gorgeous smelling brand with shops located in Cork and Dublin in Ireland and numerous locations around the UK. They handmake and sell items such as soaps, shower gels,  bath bombs, bubble bars, hand and body lotions, skincare, hair care and most recently make up.

Today I bring to you the Lush Spa Gift Box. The package contains 4 different items which is a great place to start
if you are new to the brand. This box retails at £24.95/€32.50

Inside this brown paper parcel tied up with string (which Royal Mail/Customs decide to remove from mine.....) you’ll find the following:

Big Blue bath bomb

Drop this into your bath and see it explode and fiizz. It contains lavender oil to relax, lemon oil to clear the mind and seaweed and sea salt to soften the skin.

As you can see, it turns the water a beautiful tropical blue shade and contains actual particles of seaweed. Don't forget to clean out the tub afterwards though!!

Available individually for £3.20/€3.90 >HERE<

Peace massage bar

This massage bar was re-invented using aerated cocoa butter giving you a lighter, more velvety massage along with organic shea butter and olive oil so it;s sure to glide along and moisturise the skin. I find it works best after your bath or shower when the skin is slightly damp as it absorbs in as you dry. The cocoa butter, almost chocolaty smell is not very strong, but what can be smelt is quite unisex. 

Available individually for £6.95/€8.90 >HERE<

Full of Grace serum bar

At first sight, it looks like a little soap, but when I read the card that comes in the package, I learnt that it is indeed a solid facial serum bar. It contains fresh rose petals which are infused them in water to hydrate the skin, then mixed with water with murumuru butter, cupuacu butter and almond oil. Another main ingredient in this are... wait for it....mushrooms; fresh Portobello Mushrooms to be exact! Why you might ask!? Apparently they contain vitamins, antioxidants, and calamine powder which is cooling on the skin and controls grease. I simply rub the bar around my face and massage it in. I takes a few minutes to sink in, then off to bed I go! The smell seems a bit medicinal but not too overwhelming.....yet I wouldn't exactly describe it as nice! Quite a unique product I think you'll agree!?

Available individually for £7.95/€10.95 >HERE<

 Stepping Stone foot scrub.

The whole box smelled of this stuff - in  good way. This is, as you can tell by it's name, a foot scrub. The pumice will scrub and smooth away dead skin, whilst the jojoba oil will moisturise and make them soft without leaving them slippery or oily. The featured ingredient is lemongrass which give it it's strong lemon/lime/citrus smell. It also contains sea salt and lycopodium powder which are said to be deodorising and antiseptic. My feet felt so refreshed after using this and unbelievably.... clean feeling ! Really uplifting and refreshing.

Available individually for £2.95/€3.95 >HERE<

Overall I'm mega impressed with this gift set. You get a bit of skincare, a bit of face-care  a bit of foot-care and a bit of bath heaven! The set and all products in it are available individually as linked above from the UK website or in-store in Cork (Oliver Plunkett St) or Dublin (Grafton St. & Henry St).

The above products were sent to me from the brands PR Team for reviewing purposes. All opinions above are completely my own, 100% honest thoughts on the products. 

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