26 May 2013

Viviscal Journey - Update #3 6 week Update

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Dia daoibh!

Here's another (late-apologies. A more updated post is coming this week also) update for those of you following my Viviscal journey. Below are some photo's from last month, Friday 12th April ie. 6 weeks using Viviscal tablets, shampoo and conditioner.

Hair Health
First of all, my hair continues to be mega mega shiney. I've received so many compliments on how health and shiney it looks which is really great.

Hair Loss Update.
My hair loss has reduced significantly since I started. The below picture shows how much now typically falls out after a shower.
It might look like a lot (and a bit yuck) but this is a much smaller amount that what was falling out back in March.

Shampoo usage.
This is the second bottle of shampoo coming to and end.

Conditioner usage.
This is the same first bottle of conditioner and I was about half way through it.

Official growth results will follow in my next post, but here you can see I have over a cm of growth.


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