03 June 2013

Viviscal Journey - Update #5 The results

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Dia daoibh

So here we are. 3 months later and I have finished my Viviscal Trial. I have summed up my whole experience in the video below which includes some clips throughout the time I used the tablets, shampoo and conditioner. Here are the pictures of the growth of my hair.

Although I'm not overwhelmed by the growth results; I feel the pictures don't quite do it justice. It's much easier to see how much my hair has grown in person or by having a look at the end of the video. In person you can see that my hair is thicker/fuller, my layers have grown out and it's easy to see that my hair is longer when tied up etc. On average hair grows about ½ an inch per month. In total my hair has grown 2-2½ inches over the 3 months, ie. an inch more than the norm. You can see from the below picture my new roots (courtesy of Viviscal!) an accurate representation of exact growth (and super shine!).

Now on to what impressed me the most about the products. My hair is the healthiest it has ever been. I have been receiving compliments constantly as to how shiney and healthy looking it is, both in person and on my YouTube videos. It's stronger and thicker. My main problem when I started this journey was hair loss. Again the video I show you how much was falling out after a shower and then at the end you can see that this has been significantly reduced. I really was very upset at the amount of hair I was losing so I am extremely happy that Viviscal seems to have solved my problem.


I really quite disliked the smell of the shampoo and conditioner although I did become accustomed to it in the end. It has a strong herbal smell, similar to a mix of Lavender and tea tree. They do however contain some great ingredients such as Hazelnut and Argan Oil. They are both  SLES/SLS (Sulphate Free) and paraben free for gentle effective cleansing with less lather that doesn't affect the hair renewal process. They also both contain Panthenol which conditions the scalp and helps keep hair strong and healthy. After washing my hair I have to say it was always left shiney, smooth and very clean looking and feeling. Over the 3 months I went through 2 bottles of conditioner and 5 bottles of shampoo.

Overall, I wouldn't say Viviscal tablets or shampoo/conditioners are miracle products for fast hair growth but I would 100% recommend it to someone wanting to improve the overall health and condition of their hair. If your hair is healthy in general it will most likely grow faster anyway. If you suffer from dull, weak, thinning hair; this is the answer as far as I'm concerned.

Viviscal currently have an offer over on their website >HERE< where you can get a 3 months supply of the tablets plus a free shampoo and conditioner at a reduced price of €119.95 (worth €179.75)

I would like to thank Viviscal for letting me take part in this trial and I hope that review has helped some out you. Any questions, just let me know.

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