22 July 2013

Dove Beauty Finish Spray Compressed Anti-Perspirant Deodorant

Dia Daoibh

I'm back from my blogging break. What's changed since I've last posted? The weather!! Here in Ireland we've had the best weather we've had in years with temperatures hitting 30°C. That's not the norm for us so there were plenty of Sweaty Betty's around the place; myself included! Enter Dove Compressed Deodorant.

The new smaller size (75ml) deodorants use cutting-edge innovation that requires 50% less propellant to deliver each spray, allowing the can to be reduced in size resulting in a carbon footprint reduction of 25%. It may be half the size but this new ‘compressed’ deodorant is proven to last just as long as the regular 150ml can. In addition, the new look aerosols use 25% less aluminium and, due to the smaller size, they are easier to transport resulting in 35% fewer lorries on the roads. That's a lot of savings and without the loss of product!

I've said it before, but typically and up until now, I really disliked using aerosols - main reason being that I'm asthmatic and find most aerosols a bit much and often tend to taste it in my mouth after spraying. Perhaps it was the types that I tried but I have to say I am converted. I really really like this stuff and it does a great job at preventing sweat patches. 

The version I tried 'Beauty Finish' has a really unique clean, fresh linen kind of smell which lingers nicely making me feel fresh. It's a 48h anti-perspirant deodorant with Dove's unique 1/4 moisturising cream and Vitamin E. It is proven to nourish your skin, leaving it gorgeously smooth and even toned. It dries quickly and doesn't seem to leave white marks. Obviously the stand out pointer for this is the size. As you can see above it's dinky and the perfect size for your handbag. 

Dove Compressed Deodorants are available nationwide at a RRP of €3.76. Other scents I have spotted are Cucumber & Green Tea and Pomegranate & Lemon Verbena. I'll certainly be trying them out.

The above product was sent to me from the brands PR Team for reviewing purposes. All opinions above are completely my own, 100% honest thoughts on the products. 

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