12 March 2014

Wednesday Weigh In #8 - Nupo Journey

Dia daoibh!

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Dia daoibh!

So this week I took a little break from my weight loss diet.... at least for the weekend! I headed to Killarney, Co. Kerry for a girlie spa weekend. I knew this was coming up so was very strict and stuck to my shakes, soup and salads during the week knowing that I was going to allow myself to enjoy in "real" food and alcohol at the weekend. When I say "real" food I really mean it, there was no holding back; I allowed myself to have anything I wanted. I had a fry each morning, dinners with meat, potatoes, vegetables and beautiful sauces, a Chinese meal and lots and lots of alcohol (and with that goes nibbles!!) Needless to say I was expecting and prepared to be up in weight this week and I was right. Here are my results:

So I'm up 2lbs after my weekend off . I thought it might even be a bit more so I'm quite glad. I'm finding this week a little hard in getting back into this after my weekend of indulging so next weeks result..... I will be nervous about!!

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