19 April 2016

Dehydrated Skincare Routine

Dia daoibh!

In my latest video linked below, I go through some products have that have SAVED my recently dehydrated skin!

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Unlike truly dry skin, dehydrated skin produces a normal or even excessive amount of oil, yet feels tight or dry, and can even be flaky. If you can describe your skin as dry underneath, oily on top, it can be a sign of dehydrated skin. This skin concern also tends to come and go depending on the climate and season, or even based on your hobbies, such as swimming or using a sauna frequently.

Dry skin, on the other hand, has almost no oil present, and this situation rarely fluctuates. Dry skin may get worse depending on the climate, season, or activity, but regardless of those things, having dry skin along with minimal to no oil production is consistent. A good way to differentiate is that dry skin is a specific skin type, while dehydrated skin (which can happen to any skin type) is a skin concern - Source 


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