21 February 2017

Molee Beauty Large Palette - Z Palette dupe

Dia daoibh!
Today I'm here with an amazing dupe for you.  Some of you may have heard about the controversy surrounding ZPalette at the moment. (They recently launched a new product which received some critiqueing feedback from their customers which is when the brand lashed out by attacking their customers personal appearance, financial circumstances etc). A quick rundown is in this video >HERE< and >HERE<  Taking all of that into consideration, I'm happy to share a dupe of the ZPalette so that you don't need to give an unprofessional, rude company your support. I introduce to you, Molee Beauty.
Today I'm going to run through all details such as price, (safe affiliate) links of where to buy , delivery, colours and sizes of the palettes available.  I found this large magnetised palette on Ebay from the >Molee Beauty< (lullaby-1609) shop and purchased the large, rose gold version to store my single Inglot eyeshadows.

Although, the company is based in China, the palette arrived in about 2 weeks (the estimated delivery was between 18-36 days. Mine arrived in 15 days).  As a bonus, it also arrived via registered post and very securely packaged.
One of my main concerns was how durable or flimsy the palette would be.  To my delight, in my hand, the palette is actually very sturdy and durable.  It is made up of artificial leather, sturdy cardboard and has a magnetic base and magnetic lid.  The magnet itself is very strong and holds my Inglot shadows very securely with no movement at all once in place.
This large version holds 18 Inglot square shadows, with room to move around - 6 across and 3 down.  (the same as the large Z Palette). If you flip the Inglot shadows around the other way, it still holds the same 6x3 rows but the with 6 across fitting in evenly.  I was left with just shy enough space to fit an extra row.  The palette will hold more round pans than it holds the Inglot square (Actually rectangular!!) pans. The palettes come in six different colours as pictured at the start of tis post; Terrace, Elegant Lace (Real Lace), Rose Golden, Bright Purple, Satin Taupe and Black.

The palettes also come in small, medium and a combo version of all three small, medium and large sizes.  I did not have to purchase separate magnetics to place under my Inglot pans; they stuck to the magnetic immediately which is a bonus.
For those of you wanting to get the nitty gritty details (which I did also!), here are the measurements of the large palette:
Outside Dimension: 206 mm x 128 mm x 15 mm 
Inside Dimension: 192 mm x 114 mm x 7 mm
Price and where to buy 
Overall, I am thoroughly impressed with my ebay dupe of the ZPalette.  Direct link to where I bought mine is >HERE<
The large palette is priced at £16 which converts to €18.80 with free delivery.  
The same sized Zpalette when purchased from Beauty Bay >HERE< is priced at €21.10/£17.90 not including delivery.

Hope you enjoyed today's dupe post and be sure to let me know if you treat yourself to one!


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