29 April 2017

Ziaja Cucumber Mint Collection Review

Dia daoibh!

Today I'm here to share with you, Ziaja's latest collection - the Cucumber Mint line. Ziaja is an affordable, polish skincare brand,  The Cucumber and Mint collection ranges from €0.69 for a sachet of the face mask up to €5.99 for the body lotion.  
The collection consists of a micellar gel, face mask, face moisturiser and a body lotion. I have tried out all four products over the past few weeks and here are my thoughts.

Ziaja Cucumber Mint Body Lotion

First up, the Body Lotion.  This comes in spritz a form of 200mls.  The lightweight body lotion contains an ingredient called lactobionic acid, which is said to has excellent moisturising and soothing properties. It's claimed that this lotion reduces roughness, provides smoothness and elasticity to the skin. To be honest, I didn't see any huge to roughness of my skin but it did leave it feeling refreshed and moisturised.  I love actually quite like spritzy moisturisers like this one, as they tend to absorb into the skin quicker.  
Price - €5.99

Ziaja Cucumber Mint Enzyme Gel Face Mask

Up next is the enzyme peel gel mask.  This contains papain and microgranules.  Papain is a fruit enzyme that acts as a natural exfoliator.  This mask doesn't set/go hard on the face so it's ideal if you're not all about that life or, perhaps, looking for a mask to feel more moisturising.  I have tried this mask just once and to be honest I wasn't a fan.  For some reason, it slightly stung my skin.  It was cooling afterwards but I was a bit apprehensive after I first applied it. In saying that, once I removed it my skin was fine.  
Price - €0.69 per sachet

Ziaja Cucumber Mint Micellar Gel

Next is the complete fail of the bunch for me; the Micellar Gel. I honestly had no love for this.  I was intrigued once I saw the combination of "micellar" and "gel" but unfortunately, it just didn't work out for me.  I found the gel slushy on the face, it stung my eyes and I felt as though was face wasn't thoroughly clean after using it. It does claim to foam up whilst using it, but...... it doesn't really! 
Don't get me wrong, it does add moisture to the skin (as you would expect!!) but nothing wowed me. I won't let it go to waste though..... (get ready for some FitznBitz weirdness here!).  I'm actually using it as a foot wash! It's surprisingly refreshing on the feet because of the mint extract and cucumber is gentle on my tootsies!
Price - €3.99

Ziaja Cucumber Mint Face Cream

And finally, onto the face moisturiser.  The Ziaja Cucumber and Mint Face Cream claims to be an "ultralight formula face cream with SPF 6".  Again, I don't agree with the claims. The moisturiser, to me, is actually quite thick and heavy in consistency in comparison to other "ultralight" formulas I have tried.  Because it is a bit thicker though, (not necessarily a bad thing, just not as it's described to be!) I do like to use this after the shower when I feel my face is a bit tight.  It contains lactobionic acid, which has excellent moisturising and soothing properties. It has the same cucumber/mint  refreshing fragrance which, thankfully, is not too overpowering.
Price - €3.99
So there you have it, Ziaja's latest collection.  Of course, bear in mind that what works or doesn't work for me, may suit/not suit everyone else.  That's the trick with skincare!  All Ziaja products are dermatologically tested, hypo-allergenic and products are NOT tested on animals.  Ziaja have a huge range of other collections (over 1,000 products!) so be sure to check out the online Irish stockist website >HERE<


The above products were sent to me from the brands PR Team for reviewing purposes. All opinions above are completely my own, 100% honest thoughts on the product.

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