04 January 2018

Blank Canvas Cosmetics Magnimarble Set

Dia daoibh!
Just within the last few days of 2017, I received what was probably THEE most exciting package I had received all year... the brand new release from my favourite make up brush brand, the Blank Canvas Cosmetics Magnimarble Set.  The set goes beyond just looking stunning.....
Ok, lets start with the obvious; the design.  I don't know when or why white marble became so crazily popular within 2017, but I'm fully on board the band wagon! Each brush has a beautiful copper and white marble design.
Now, like I said, it's not just about the design; it's about the "hidden" function of the base of each brush.  As you will see, each brush is tipped with what looks like a regular rose gold design.  Here's the secret..... it's magnetic! You might be stumped as to why that's a big deal so wait.... there's more.
Within the luxurious and sturdy marble keepsake box is a metal frame.  Because the casing is metal, the tip of each brush can adhere to the base therefore creating an instant and fuss free stand for the full set of brushes.
Not only will your brushes be displayed beautifully, in a row like above, or every second one reversed like in the image below, but it's an ideal way of letting your brushes dry after cleaning.  Because the brushes can hang upside down in the frame, this prevents water from entering the ferrule and extending the lifespan of the brushes!
Included in the set are ten face and eye brushes, which are all multi purpose, but here's  list of what each one works best at:

MF47 Medium Powder Brush: Ideal to use as a finishing brush for application of blush/powder 
MF38 Duo Fibre Face Brush: Ideal for sculpting, contouring, blending and highlighting the face. 
MF08 Dome Buffing Brush. Ideal for foundation/blush/contour application. 
MF56 Medium Buffer: Perfect to use with liquid, cream or powder products such as concealer/contour/highlight. 
MF35 Small Angled Edge Face Brush: Use to apply or blend concealer, foundation, cream contour, and powder products. 
MF49 Jumbo Buffer: Ideal for buffing concealer/foundation to smaller areas. 
MF48: Flat Concealer Brush. Use with cream or liquid products. 

ME04 Flat Shader: Ideal for applying or shading product. Also great for applying lip product.
ME45 Duo Fibre Eye Blender: Amazing eyeshadow blending brush. Great for concealer too. 
ME11 Brow/Liner Brush: Perfect for brow grooming or applying liner to the lash line. Great with powder/gel/cream product. 
I am beyond impressed with the design and quality of the Magnimarble set.  The full set including gift box, metal frame, 7 face brushes and 3 eye brushes retails for €99.95 from >INISH PHARMACY< or €100 at  >BLANK CANVAS COSMETICS<, or >MEAHERS PHARMACY<

The above products were sent to me from the Blank Canvas Cosmetics team for reviewing purposes. All opinions above are completely my own, 100% honest thoughts on the product.

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